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Do you want to be part of an authentic Italian experience?
Do you want to promote a new product – our Piadina – that is fresh, healthy and moreover … Italian?
Do you have the drive and financial resources to open a franchise? If yes, please send your details to and we will contact you!!

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Piadina Cafe' - RAI Italia

Piadina Café went LIVE on RAI ITALIA (the international Italian TV channel) on April 8, 2016 and in Italy on main Italian Television on May 1, 2016!!!!.




A singular, sensational coffee from illy now served at Piadina Café & Coffee Bar


illy caffè could offer every region, roast and blend under the sun, but they’d rather deliver the perfect one. The Trieste, Italy based coffee company has spent eight decades refining a singular, signature blend, celebrated the world over as the pinnacle of what coffee can and should be. Every cup contains decades of wisdom and thousands of decisions, carefully considered by the most passionate, insightful coffee connoisseurs on earth. Piadina Café customers can now enjoy this extrordinary coffee in the heart of Boston’s financial district. For the Italian Piadina Café & Coffee Bar, which introduced the authentic piadina (homemade flatbread sandwiches from the Romagna region of Italy) and carved a niche in the otherwise standard Boston lunchtime fare by bridging a classic Italian mealtime favorite to the traditional espresso bar, it is only natural to serve illy and unite the two Italian cultures in a perfect marriage. “….and the two lived happilly ever after…”.

Open for business!


Favorite, “the piadina” (a handmade, flatbread sandwich), Piadina Café & Coffee Bar has opened on the corner of State and Kilby Streets in the financial district. These unique, freshly made and rolled-out grilled flatbread sandwiches make a wholesome breakfast or hearty lunch that fills you up but won’t carb you to sleep! Start your day with a fresh pastry, breakfast sandwich, and a rich cup of coffee, tea or espresso.

Join us at lunchtime for a delicious piadina chosen from an ample menu or made-to-order, as well as fresh salads, and zesty soups. When possible, all these dishes will include local, farm-to-table ingredients. In need of an afternoon lift? Stop by for the Espresso Happy Hour starting at 2:30 for your favorite coffee accompanied by chocolates or a dolce (sweet) piadina. The favorite is Nutella and banana.

For those who’ve ever ambled down a Roman boulevard, relaxed on a sunny beach on the Amalfi Coast, or been charmed by a welcoming Tuscan eatery, a good piadina will bring back happy memories of Old World hospitality, and savory local food. The piadina is the most popular and widely recognized traditional lunch meal throughout Italy, originally from the Romanga region. Today, at local competitions throughout the region, you can watch housewives in their pinafores preparing scrumptious piadine for the top prize.

They are served with concoctions of soft cheeses, cured meats, veggies or mushrooms, folded into this classic Italian dish. Now, at Boston’s Piadina Café & Coffee Bar, you can judge for yourself how this classic Italian dish, born in Italy, is being raised in Boston.