Italian Born, Boston Raised

Piadina Cafè Boston

Piadina Cafe & Coffee Bar has carved a niche in the otherwise standard Boston lunchtime fare by bridging a classic Italian mealtime favorite to the traditional espresso bar.

Serving arguably the best Italian coffee from Italy, Illy, and introducing what is sure to become a Boston favorite, “the piadina” (a handmade, flatbread sandwich), Piadina Café & Coffee Bar is located on the corner of State and Kilby Streets in the financial district.

These unique, freshly made and rolled-out grilled flatbread sandwiches make a wholesome breakfast or hearty lunch that fills you up but won’t carb you to sleep!

Start your day with a fresh pastry, breakfast sandwich, and a rich cup of coffee, tea or espresso. Join us at lunchtime for a delicious piadina chosen from an ample menu or made-to-order, as well as fresh salads, and zesty soups. When possible, all these dishes will include local, farm-to-table ingredients.

In need of an afternoon lift? Stop by for an Illy espresso, drip or tea accompanied by cookies, brownies, or a dolce (sweet) piadina. The favorite is the Nutty Italian, served with Nutella.

For those who’ve ever ambled down a Roman boulevard, relaxed on a sunny beach on the Amalfi Coast, or been charmed by a welcoming Tuscan eatery, a good piadina will bring back happy memories of Old World hospitality, and savory local food.